March 19, 2016


Since I can't quite decide which photo I like best, and I don't want to spam my entire FB profile by changing my photo every single day, I finally decided to write a little blog post and share my favourite results from the photo shoot with Torsten Belger from "Immortelle Fotografie aus Leidenschaft" in his studio in Bremen.

This was actually the first time I've ever worked with a photographer that I didn't know before, thus I was pretty nervous/excited and glad that my dear friend Delsin accompanied me. But that nervous feeling faded fast since we both got along very well with the photographer and he made it easy to relax and gave me lots of tips for poses! 

For the first part of our photo shoot, we used a simple white background and high key lighting, for the second part we changed to a darker background, lighting and atmosphere in general and added black tulle to play around with. I like how the same look/outfit can have an entirely different effect depending on the setting you choose.

I really had a great time and I hope to work with him again in the future!



February 15, 2016

Into the Woods

On Saturday I finally had a photo shoot again.
The last time I stood in front of a camera as a model was well over a year ago.
Had the pleasure of working with Oliver Blang again, who you might remember from this post.
It was quite cold and we had a bit of an audience while taking the pictures (and while changing into the outfit :D ),
but I had a lot of fun and I love the photo results, so it was absolutely worth it!
I suppose you will see more of Oliver's photography on my blog soon,
as we still have a few other ideas that we want to work on in the near future!

Until then,
Enjoy the pictures!

And because I love the b&w versions of these two pictures so much, 
I'm gonna add them as a bonus too (although the coloured versions are already in here)!

March 31, 2015

up close and personal - part 2

... and here's the second part of the photo shoot I had with Richy!

He's still covered in blue for all of these pictures but for some reason I ended up with black/white photos instead of keeping them in colour. Editing them in b/w does take away a bit of the effect of the strong and vibrant blue, which is a pity.... And I know, it probably seems weird to most of you to have a shooting about the colour blue and then turn all the photos b/w. But I do think it creates a very own kind of atmosphere and effect and I quite like it.

I hope you like the second part as much as I do, because some of these photos are hot, hot, hot.
Richy makes for an amazing model!