March 31, 2015

up close and personal - part 2

... and here's the second part of the photo shoot I had with Richy!

He's still covered in blue for all of these pictures but for some reason I ended up with black/white photos instead of keeping them in colour. Editing them in b/w does take away a bit of the effect of the strong and vibrant blue, which is a pity.... And I know, it probably seems weird to most of you to have a shooting about the colour blue and then turn all the photos b/w. But I do think it creates a very own kind of atmosphere and effect and I quite like it.

I hope you like the second part as much as I do, because some of these photos are hot, hot, hot.
Richy makes for an amazing model!

March 21, 2015

up close and personal - part 1

"i don't wanna feel blue anymore."

A few days ago, Richy and I realized how long it's been since we had a photo shoot together and decided to change that. Luckily, Richy already had an idea - he wanted to do something with the colour "blue". Since we didn't have a strict concept for this shoot, I experimented quite a bit (especially with the zoom and focus). I didn't just want to take simple portraits like I usually do. I have to say, I love the results very much! 

The title for this shoot is "up close and personal" and I think it's easy to tell why I chose that when looking at the photos. This first part mostly consists of close-ups that don't show Richy's face. 

I will try to upload the second part as soon as possible!

December 8, 2014

- saw the light and shade -

(If you can guess where I got this blog title from, you're my hero.)

Hi guys, it's been a while!
Sorry for not really keeping my blog updated, I've actually missed posting here.
I promise to do better again :)

I've been writing about the photo shooting I had just recently on my Facebook and Twitter and today I want to share the results with you!

I have known Julie for a couple of years and she's a very dear friend. She's also one of the most beautiful people I know, hands down. I've kept seeing gorgeous photos of her, and a couple of months ago at a Steampunk event in Hamburg, I met the photographer behind a lot of her great pictures - Oliver Blang! I'm a big fan of Oliver's work as a photographer, he has an amazing gallery full of beautiful, creative and unique pictures!

When Oliver and Julie asked me if I'd be interested in joining both of them for a photo shooting, of course I said yes! I'm usually behind the camera and not in front of it, but I couldn't let a chance like this pass without giving it a try.

I was actually pretty nervous about the shooting at first, because I have no idea how to move and pose in front of the camera. But thanks to the relaxed atmosphere that Oliver created for us, and also thanks to being there with Julie, who already is like a pro in front of the camera, it was easy to get the hang of it after only a couple of minutes.

All in all, it's been a great experience and I'm really happy about the results. 

We've started off with a very sweet setting full of soft colours and lots of light, and then later moved on to a more edgy, darker, sexier look. I really enjoyed both parts, and it was especially fun doing both on one day and feeling the contrast between the styles so clearly.

Again, thanks a lot to Oliver and Julie for this great day! I loved working with you :)

Finally, before I share the photos with you, here's a link to Oliver's homepage if you want to take a look  at more of his work:

And now........ enjoy!
And leave a comment if you like :)